5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #21

Sunday, January 17

I can't be the only person finding this lockdown harder than the first one in March. Almost 10 months of working from home is getting tiresome and it's so cold outside I'm not outside enjoying the garden all day. I found myself no particularly excited for the weekend either because there was nothing planned. 

1. Scrapbooking

I spoke about it in Wednesdays post 'Looking Forward To The New Year and Some Positivity with Design Bundles' but I found some loose photos last weekend so spent a very chilled afternoon scrapbooking and reliving the memories of our Florida holiday in 2019. 

2. A Positive Annual Review at Work

I always get nervous about things like these - I don't know why I'm worried that negative feedback might come out but I felt really happy that my annual review went well at work this week. We have to type out the review from our perspective and it felt good to look back at everything we'd achieved. 

3. Future Trip Planning

I write this really cautiously because I don't want to jinx anything but both my boyfriend and I desperately needed something to look forward to so we started looking at a trip for the end of 2021. If it will happen or not I don't know but we need something to keep us going over the dark January nights.

4. Choosing Items for the Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom seemed like the biggest task but now we've started choosing the bits needed and approaching tradesman it's getting easier. Hopefully the lock down restrictions in Scotland will ease soon and we can make progress. In the meantime I'm planning a mood board post. 

5. Saturday Night Takeaways

Last night we treated ourselves to our favourite Indian takeaway from the Sher E Bangla. We've only had one before and it was delicious so we thought it would be the pick me up we both needed. Thankfully it didn't disappoint and there are leftovers waiting in the fridge. 

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