Looking Forward To The New Year and Some Positivity with Design Bundles

Wednesday, January 13

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Starting a new year in a lockdown would have been unthinkable this time last year but here we are already a week in and hopefully everyone is okay. There is so much pressure at the start of the year to be organised and have all your goals planned out. In reality this second lockdown (for us in Scotland anyway) puts things on pause a little so today I wanted to share how I’m going to plan 2020 and some activities to keep positive during the dark evenings until spring arrived. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know I’m a keen crafter and I’m always on the lookout for something new. That’s where Design Bundles come in and I’m going to share three ways I’m using their site at the moment.

We are almost mid-way through the first month of the year and my mind is turning to how I’ll organise my blog for 2021. Obviously, a global pandemic hasn’t helped but I don’t normally start the new year with all the stationary I need to keep organised. I like to slowly winddown from the festive season without putting too much pressure on myself then when life has settled down again start to think about how I want to keep onto of everything.

Normally I find a planner for my blog in somewhere like TK Maxx or Home Sense. The past few years I’ve found that one with a monthly calendar view and space to plan out everything I need to achieve, paid opportunities and some stats is all I need. I don’t blog full time so if there are too many pages they will be wasted which I hate. However, this year I won’t be able to find a planner in a physical store but luckily Design Bundles have come to my rescue.

They have lots of planner pages available to buy and print at home meaning I don’t have to worry about getting to the shops and the I’ve found a lot of them are a fraction of the cost of buying an off the shelf version. Another thing I’ve found is you can pick the one that best suits your needs, I’m thinking about this ‘2021 Black Floral Dated Printable Planner’ but if you don’t like every page then just don’t print them. Perfect!

If you have a browse there are so many different designs and styles to choose from whether you own an Etsy shop selling your crafts, run a blog like me or just need a diary to organise general life there will be something for you.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed is getting my photos printed and scrapbooking but thanks to the pandemic and doing fewer fun activities I kind of forgot about a hobby I love. However, at the weekend I found a stack of photos I got printed from our holiday to Florida in 2019 so I decided to dig out my scrapbooking supplies and spend two lovely afternoons reliving the memories.

Since I enjoyed it so much, and it took my mind off the news or ‘doom-scrolling’ on my phone, I sorted out my photos and ordered another batch of prints. Not only are you getting the mindfulness benefits of crafting but it’s also a chance to reflect on all the good memories and think about what you’d like to do when we can get out and about again.

I already have a box full of supplies to embellish my photos and keep sakes from trips but sometimes you struggle to find the perfect paper or sticker for the occasion and that’s where Design Bundles can help. They have 1000s of SVG cuts so you will find something to suit your project. To get the best out of these files you could use an electronic cutting machine like Cricut. While a cricut would be a dream I’m not quite there yet so what I did was open them on Photoshop, resize and print onto good quality paper then cut them out carefully by hand.

This mandala style design in the shape of Florida will be perfect for my travel scrapbook. If you are putting together a gift for a family member, I love these family monogram bundles – I can think of so many people who would appreciate a present like that. Now to work out how I’m going to save for a Cricut machine to play with…

Just have a browse of Design Bundles and get crafty. It is the ultimate mindfulness activity for me because I am so absorbed in the task that there isn’t any room in my brain for anything else. If your not sure what you’d like to do then have a browse of Design Bundles site and depending on your level of skill there will be something there for you.

They offer bundles which I think would be a great place to get you started. Why not designs some cards or postcards to send to friends or family during lockdown so they know you are thinking of them or a print you can frame and they can put on the wall in their makeshift home office.

Seeing what other people have been doing I’d love to find a cool font (they have bundles of them too) and make labels for the jars in the kitchen. I’m always saving old candle jars and filling them with dried foods but it would be nice to have them labelled too. Alternatively, if you aren’t the most crafty person why don’t you find some stickers you like (I’d choose these solar system ones or these photography ones), print them on self-adhesive paper, carefully cut them out and decorate a plain note book or a laptop case. Just sitting cutting out for an hour in front of the TV would help to clear my head.

So there you have it – how I’m going to plan for my blog in 2021 and some ways to bring some positivity to this January lock down with the help of Design Bundles SVG cuts.

Happy crafting and I hope everyone keeps their mental health in check over the next few months.

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