A Snow Day Update

Sunday, February 14

It's been a strange few weeks around here. Despite lockdown in Scotland continuing indefinitely we wanted to crack on with the house renovation and start the bathroom. We tried our best to put everything in place so it didn't get stressful but it still managed to escalate. When I was tired after work and it was already pitch dark it felt like it might be too much for us. 


Once you've started your only option is to continue and I'm pleased to say we are getting there and all the major work is now done. I'll talk about it more in my next renovation update post so stay tuned for that.

Then the snow started falling - you're never sure if it will lie on the ground so close to the coast. I can't remember this much snow in down since I was doing prelims at school so probably in 2012/2013. Although it can be a giant pain in the *** I try to enjoy it while it's heard because it is so rare and it does make everything very pretty. 

When the roads were clear enough to drive and because I was desperate to get away from the house for a few hours for my own mental health I went to meet Mum at their house for a walk. Along with Bundi, she is taking part in the Scottish SSPCA's 'Steps for Pets' - 10,000 steps a day to raise money for animals in Scotland. They really choose a terrible month but Mum is determined and Bundi loves the snow so they are managing so far. If you'd like to support you can find her fundraising page here

The temperature is due to warm up this week and rain is on the forecast so we went out for one last snowy walk this afternoon. The wind was bitterly cold and I'm happy to be back blogging beside the fire now.

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