Future House Renovation Dreams

Thursday, February 11

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Before you buy a house, you have all these potential dreams in your head and things you’d like to change. Back in September we knew there was a lot of work ahead of us to bring the house we bought up to a modern standard and put our own stamp on it. Since we moved in our money has gone to replacing the heating system and getting an electrician to add more sockets in every room. Not exactly the dreams I’d been having but necessary none the less. 

We always knew the renovation would be split into necessary projects, redecorating the rooms, and replacing the kitchen and bathroom before we could even dream about bigger projects… but that’s what I want to do today. This post is inspired by TuffX who are established and reputable glass suppliers

One of the reasons we bought the house was the ability to convert the loft into a third bedroom at some point so the house would grow with us. It’s several years down the line while we save again but we are lucky enough to already have a small staircase into the loft. I’d love to open this up into the hall and these glass panels on the staircase would be an awesome way to do it. It would instantly transform what is quite an old-fashioned house into one that is light and modern. 

Once upstairs we want to create a light and airy bedroom and I think that making part of the roof glass like the above image would be a great way to do it. I was lucky enough to grow up in a house, designed by my architect parents, that has a glass roof in the hall, and I love the feel it gives their home. Strangely enough, especially when the rain is pouring down. 

Sooner than both the dreams above we are going to do some work in the garden and have people over in the summer. The dinning room already has patio doors but the wall round the patio has long since past it’s best so it will be coming down. Instead of replacing it with another wall I think these glass panels would be a stylish alternative and add nicely to the outdoor living vibes we are aiming for. 

Like I said these are future dreams at the moment but I don’t want to loose sight of all the potential we saw in the house when we bought it just because we are dealing with mundane projects and little issues.

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