5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #26

Sunday, August 22

Imagine having plans two weekends in a row! Life is returning to normal and it's exciting. I'm sitting writing a couple of posts and scheduling tweets because we are going on holiday tomorrow. 

1. A Weekend Away in Aberdeen

Last Saturday we got the train through to Aberdeen with my boyfriends parents - our plan was to have dinner at Miller and Carter, have a few drinks then stay the night in a hotel. For obvious reasons it's been ages since we've done something like this and it felt so good to be doing something normal again and feel excited about the weekend. 

2. The Maitre d' Finding Us a Table in a Busy Restaurant

Linked to the first point I'm super thankful the maitre d' finding the four of us a table on a Saturday night because it was only once we arrived I'd booked for two... I booked the table months ago and everyone was really looking forward to it so I would have felt terrible if we had to look for another restaurant. 

3. Getting Our Second Covid Vaccine

...and hardly suffering any side effects. I'd heard that the second dose of Pfizer has worse side effects but I only felt a little shivery and my arm wasn't as sore as last time either. It's such a relief to finally be double vaccinated and we are another step closer to putting this behind us. 

4. Finishing Painting in the House

If you read my most recent renovation update then you'll know we were finally in the position to finally finish painting the bathroom and back bedroom. It's been long hours of painting (and buying the wrong bathroom paint) but we are done with the majority of the work and the rooms are just needing finishing touches. 

5. Turning On My Out of Office On Friday

I was aware all week I had to finish my to do list at work so I didn't abandon my colleagues when I was out of office the next week. It was slightly stressy and I ended up staying past finishing time to get everything done but turning on my out of office at the end of the day felt so good.  

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