Ten Month Renovation Update

Thursday, July 22

My last renovation update was six months into our little project but thanks to a lockdown at the start of the year, new windows being postponed and spending time in the garden I didn't really have anything to update in May. However, things are finally progressing again so I wanted to pick these posts back up.

Let's start with these shelves in our living room - you'll have seen in my four month update that we really pushed to get the room 75% finished for Christmas. There are still lots of finishing touches we want to add and something to fill the alcove was on that list. 

These shelves were a DIY job with me sanding and staining the scaffold boards (to match the wooden floor) and my boyfriends Dad welded the brackets for me. I'm so happy with how they've turned out and add some nice interest higher up in the room. 

The first room we got a new window in was the back bedroom - this one was particularly drafty if you stood near it in the winter and it wouldn't open so I'm really happy with the new one even if we still need to get the finishings done... 

As you can see this room is a bit of a mess and we've been working in it since November last year and putting up with the bare walls. Thankfully this is the room we want to tackle next and the work has already started but more on that later.

Another room that has been a work in progress for a while is the bathroom. We replace the fixtures and fittings back in February but it's been left unfinished because the window was the worst in the house. An original sash window and the single glazing meant the condensation was terrible and the wood was rotting. 

Thank goodness the new one is so much easier to open! The new flooring is going to be fitted in August so we want to get everything painted before then so the hard work for us definitely starts now... 

The final window we got replaced in phase one was the kitchen one - the same problems as the rest of the house but also the condensation was in between the panes of glass so it's gone too. It will be a while yet until we get around to finishing things off but at least the room will stay warmer in the winter and we can open it without climbing on the worktop. 

Finally, we are jumping to the back bedroom again to see the work that is in progress this week. It took a few stressed conversations but we finally admitted we needed professional help with filling and sanding the cracks in the walls and ceiling. 

Thankfully we knew someone who already did some plastering work for us so we got him back to make the room perfect. The best thing to do surrounding the window was to create a new wall and neatly plaster the corners so we wouldn't need facings. 

He suggested we plaster boarded the ceiling so the existing cracks definitely wouldn't come back (just like we did in the living room) and he has skimmed one of the walls so it is a smooth surface for painting a feature wall. This is going to be our main bedroom and I can't wait to get started making it our perfect, calming space. 

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