Northern Lights Lounge at Aberdeen Airport

Thursday, September 2


Since our visit to the Aspire Lounge at Manchester Airport I've been an airport lounge convert. It's the perfect place to escape the busy airport for an anxious traveler like myself or a lovely treat to start your holiday. Today I wanted to share a review of our recent trip to the Northern Lights Lounge at Aberdeen Airport before our flight to Manchester in August. 

Our flight was just after 9am on Monday morning so we arrived in time to have just over an hour in lounge to have breakfast. We knew that security is a breeze at Aberdeen Airport (another reason I love flying from there) but if it wasn't be sure to leave yourself enough time so you're not rushing around.

Like I said we were there for breakfast so when we were at our table we were brought over their menu as it is table service at the moment. If you want you can preview their menus online before hand. We ordered two cups of tea which arrived quickly.

Likely because of the ever present effects of Covid-19 the airport lounge was very quiet and easy to find a seat beside the windows. However, there is lots of comfy seating and high-top tables if you need to charge your phone or work on your laptop. I liked how cosy and calming it felt and the chairs were definitely comfy - that early in the morning I could have fallen asleep again. 

To each we both choose the cumberland butchers sausage in an artisan sourdough roll which was a great way the start the day. I especially enjoyed the sourdough roll which was full of flavour and didn't disintegrate when eating. I enjoy some fruit with breakfast when available so I also ordered a pink smoothie with grapefruit, apple and banana.

The Northern Lights Lounge at Aberdeen Airport costs £28 for adults, £16 for children and under threes are free. Although I should point out we are priority pass members so we didn't pay individually for the lounge access. 

We would have bought breakfast in the airport anyway which isn't cheap and then bought extras for the flight like bottles of water so I think it's worth the price. We could always of enjoyed more to eat and drink but we chose not to this time. If it's your think they also have a dedicated whisky wall and lots of different beers to choose from.

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