Garden Update | September 2021

Thursday, October 14

 With night time lows as cold as 4℃ and daytime highs of 22℃ September was a really mixed bag weather wise. It wasn't really warm enough to spend much time in the garden tending flowers or weeding so the work we did was much more physical. Trimming bushes and preparing the area for the greenhouse!


I finally have it - the greenhouse that has been a dream since I got my own little garden a few years ago. I'd given up hope of finding one this year but at the end of July one popped up on Facebook locally and we finally got it put up in our garden at the end of September. 

One of the reasons it took so long was clearing a space for it and laying new slabs big enough to accommodate a 6x8ft greenhouse. I wish I could take credit for this but I focus on the pretty things while my boyfriend got his Dads help with the heavy lifting. 

Overall, it was a three day project. On Friday evening we built the frame, on Saturday we managed to modify and get the base bolted to the slabs and on the Sunday we put it in place, washed all the glass and glazed it. It was then missing a few bits which I had to order the following week. We definitely couldn't have done it without the help of both our parents and it was such a nice weekend finishing the project off. 

Meanwhile, in the other areas of the garden things are still changing and bringing new colour to the space. I didn't actually plant this sunflower - all the ones I did plant were eaten by the birds but this one must have come from left over bird seed and I love it. Next year I hope to grow loads of them to cover the garden. 

In September my tomato crop was also ready to harvest. The ones pictured above had to be ripened in the house because the branch broke but they were still delicious. In my big greenhouse next year there will be space for loads of plants which suits me because homegrown tomatoes are 100x better than shop bought. 

The other thing that was in my temporary greenhouse was these chillies and although small all suddenly turning the most fantastic red colour. We make a lot of Mexican food so chillies are a staple in our kitchen (these ones are so spicy!)

And that's it. It's now October and the autumn chill is in the air so if I venture out into the garden it will only be to tidy up pots on the patio or plant some bulbs ahead of spring. We have big plans for the garden next year (plans we probably don't have time to implement) and I'm really excited to share them. Since I got into this garden back in April this year I've really started to make it my own. 

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