New Year Refresh with Dolma Perfumes

Sunday, January 23

- This Post Contains Gifted Items -

Once Christmas and New Year are over and regular life resumes in January do you find yourself wanting to make a change or add something new into your life? I'm not talking big resolutions about improving your lifestyle or diving into a new hobby. There are simpler options to refresh yourself in the new year and feel like a new person. 

Simple changes like finding a new perfume to take you into spring - that's where Dolma Perfumes are here to help. All their fragrances for men and women are 100% vegan and cruelty free (which is really important to me when choosing a new brand to try). Dolma have also considered recycling and the environment when creating their perfumes and if your interested you can read more here

I couldn't choose a new fragrance based on descriptions alone so Dolma sent me their discovery box which includes all 12 of the women’s fragrances: Amethyst Mist, Anahita, Andromeda, Calista, Compassion, Cushi B, First Rain, Midnight Velvet, Light Bloom, Sarabande, Sun Joy and Vegamusk. If you are looking for a gift for a vegan or cruelty free beauty lover in your life they offer the Perfume Discovery Set with a £25 voucher – a great idea!

Most importantly I want to share what I think of the scents - with 12 to choose from it was hard to narrow down a favourite but eventually I settled on Anahita. Perfect for that early spring feeling (I wish) the perfume is named after the Persian Goddess. It has fruity notes of peach and lemon and spicy notes mingle before unfolding into sandalwood and cypress.

The 1.8ml sample bottles give you are great opportunity to try you're favourites and wear them out before you settle on one (or more?) to buy full size. If your just looking for a new set of perfumes to take on holiday this would be perfect too. Definitely check out Dolma Perfume's website for a more in depth description of all 12 fragrances and see if there is one you'd like to try. 

I'm interested - what is your favourite perfume?

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