2021 in Outfits

Sunday, January 9

As is tradition around here I wanted one of the first posts to the year to be a look back on my outfits of 2021. With lockdown at the start of the year and lots of work going on in the house there weren't that many to choose from but these are my picks to summarise the year. 

An Outfit For Fools Spring
In 2021 fools spring really got us didn't it - then it was snowing in April!? By the time spring comes around I'm starting to get fed up with my winter wardrobe so this outfit was my compromise. Still warm enough but with some lighter colours in preparation for the warmer weather. 

The Claire Wrap Dress | This Is Unfolded
Earlier in the year my first order from slow fashion brand 'This is Unfolded' arrived and I got to show off the Claire wrap dress on my blog. I've worn this dress so many time since - it's perfect for dressing up for nice meals and dressing down with trainers. I'd recommend checking out the brand if you want to be more mindful about the clothes you buy. 

Summer Gardening Dungarees
This summer I really got to enjoy my garden and gardening for the first time since moving into our new home. So obviously I needed something to mooch around in because we were outside most of the warm days. These dungarees are a lovely colour and so comfy for lazy days in the garden. 

Autumn Fashion with BuyCharity
Every year I get excited about autumn colours and this year these trousers came into my life via an online charity shop called BuyCharity. If you love a rake around second hand shops but can't always get there in person it's the perfect solution. I know I've looked at it a few times since I worked with them. 

Autumnal Beach Walks with Lighthouse Clothing
As the weather turned colder in the autumn I added this awesome burnt orange jacket to my wardrobe from Lighthouse Clothing. It was perfect for pumpkin picking and walks down the beach after a long week. Now I'll be out everyday on dog walks this jacket will be even more handy. 

My modest goal for 2022 is to post an outfit a month so at the start of next year we'll have 12 months to look back on. Let's see how that goes!

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