5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #28

Wednesday, February 23

I seem unable to sit down and write a blog post at the moment so this one should really be titled things that made me happy a few weeks ago, however, the draft is here and I want to write it anyway. Hopefully I will be able to get ahead and write a few blog posts in the near future. 

1. I finally Treated Myself to a Cricut Machine

I've always thought a Cricut machine would be an amazing thing to add to my crafting collection, however, they are so expensive I couldn't justify one for a hobby before. I did some research into the Joy, bought one and now I'm so happy I did. One of the things I tried was the ‘print and cut’ hack and made the stickers in the photos above - now I want to buy all the accessories! 

2. Brunch at Brewdog with the Puppy 

It's important to take your puppy to different places so went Scott was working on a Sunday I took the opportunity to go to out for brunch with my uni flat mate and take Brodie along to meet her. He was so good in Brewdog and I couldn't be prouder. I was worried he'd be nervous in busy city streets or a shopping centre but he took it all in his stride. Even got a browse in my favourite shops Paper Chase and Home Sense. 

3. Taking Brodie to the Beach

I love the beach and we live within easy walking distance so I wanted Brodie to love it too. Since he's started going out for walks we wanted him to get used to going there. We've now taken him a few times and when it's quiet he can get off the lead and it's such a joy to see him run and explore. No swimming just yet though!

4. Lunch at Haar in St Andrews

Last Christmas Scott treated me to a five course tasting menu at Haar in St Andrews and the Saturday before valentines day we got dressed up and went through for a fancy lunch. We've never done anything like that before and the food was incredible. Definitely a meal to remember - especially my first oyster which was delicious. If you live in the north east of Scotland you'll definitely have experienced the haar (if not then google it).

5. Feeling like I'm Bossing Work

Sometimes at work you get thrown in at the deep end - that happened to me last week when a colleague tested positive for Covid so I was forced to step up in front of a room full of people and lead a working session for three days. I've done it plenty of times as support but being on my own felt totally different. However, after the three days I felt like I could achieve anything. It was the confidence boost I didn't know I needed.  

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