Layering Dresses with Autumn Winter Colours

Saturday, February 26

Dress: Just for £5 | Top: Lighthouse Clothing* | Boots: Clarks | Tights: The Legwear Co.*
How well do the colours in my new (ish) Lighthouse Clothing top match the burnt orange pinafore. I love layering pieces like this in the autumn/winter then throwing on a coat and scarf to be extra cosy. I originally bought this dress from Just for £5 - a shop I'd never support now but I've really got the wear out of this item and it's cost per wear must be around 1p.

I just checked Lighthouse Clothings website and this top is currently in the sale with a few sizes left so hurry! 

Can I just take a minute to rant about how woman’s clothes sizes just seem to be designed to make you feel bad about yourself! I've been looking at dresses for my cousins wedding and one of the ones I bought second hand on eBay in a size 12 is miles off fitting… despite having 10+ dresses in a size 12 (including the one pictured above). Yesterday a 14 arrived in a different style and it is pretty roomy. It doesn’t make sense!

Maybe I'm just between sizes now and I'll have to get used to it but it's still frustrating and makes buying second hand more of a challenge...

The last time I styled this top - Autumnal Beach Walks with Lighthouse Clothing

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