5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #34

Sunday, August 28


It's been a really busy and productive Sunday - we were out most of the day yesterday so I wanted to make the most of the rest of the weekend doing some things I enjoy around the house. I've made pizza dough to go in the Ooni later and Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes for pudding! Now onto some of the other good things that have happened this week.

1. New Aubergines

I'm delighted that my aubergine plant now has three new little aubergines growing! I harvested a huge one a few weeks ago and made a Moussaka but I thought that was going to be it for this year. Hopefully these ones grow to full size before summer is over.

2. Hedgehogs in the Garden

On Wednesday night Brodie was barking and growling at something in the garden so I had to go out in the dark to investigate and found a hedgehog hiding from him under the bird table (perfectly safe) on Thursday he found it again this time rolled in a ball so I went out to save it from the idiot dog. Really cool to see they come to the garden enough.

3. A Date Day Shopping and Eating in Aberdeen

On Monday it felt really autumnal so I was in the mood to browse candles and autumn bits in Home Sense. By the time the weekend arrived summer was back but we still went for a little date day - had a mooch round the shops in Union Square then an early dinner at Wagamama. Perfect!

4. Finishing the Crazy Rich Asian's series

In just under a week I finished reading 'Rich People Problems' - the final book in the Crazy Rich Asian's series. Whether it’s accurate or not I was obsessed with these families. It’s perfect satire that kept me hooked from the start of book one. I am always happy when the ending of a series isn’t a disappointment and this one was perfect. Now, pass me the next Kevin Kwan book.

5. Seeing the Light Aircraft Fly-In

The local airfield museum were having an open day this weekend and there were a lot of small airplanes where we usually take Brodie for a walk so this morning we went down to check them out. It was really cool to see planes like that taking off and landing close up. It was warm enough so we could enjoy a Mr Whippy while having a wander. 

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