A Bedroom Renovation Mood Board

Wednesday, August 31

Since we stripped out bedroom back to a blank canvas, got the walls plasters, new skirting and carpet fitted and painted the walls the progress has really stalled. We moved our existing furniture back in and it's a lovely bright space when the sun is shining and cosy in the dark with the curtains closed. 

However, these photos really highlight how empty it is. We really need to get some things on the walls to give the room more interest and finalise the furniture we need for storage. 

What we really want is a big Ikea PAX wardrobe - I had one in my bedroom at my parents house and I know how practical they are. However, just as we were finalising the design the oak colour went out of stock and doesn't look like it's coming back anytime soon....

My boyfriend also had the idea to use the Besta system as above the bed storage and I must say I'm coming round to the idea. It will have cupboards on the top so we can hide things we don't need all the time and decorative storage below like books etc.

Finally we are desperate for new bedside tables - I bought these second hand ones for my student flat and never thought they move twice with me since then. I really like the design of these oak furnitureland ones... and maybe a bigger bed while we are at it!

The wardrobe will go in the same location as the current one because it is the best space but having a mirrored door will mean I can get hide of this one propped up in the corner. We are going to get the tall PAX wardrobes so thing won't be stored above and it will be much tidier. 

I still don't know where my dressing gown and the jumpers I leave out just to grab will go longer term though... I'm not allowed to put hooks on the back of our new doors.

We're really waiting until the furniture is in place before looking at finishing touches but I have some ideas already. Some nice wall part that matches the tone of the room (isn't this one from Next perfect!) and I think I'd like somewhere to display my minnie ears. Only one pair at a time and I can switch them out would be fun and a nice holiday memory.

Recently I discovered Stackers jewellery boxes and this is what I want to storage my jewellery in a pretty way to sit on top of the drawers. We're also desperate for a covered laundry basket because our puppy is a thief and I don't think that is going to change.
Gosh it looks so empty from this angle... I am really happy with the bargain we got of these Oak Furnitureland drawers on Facebook marketplace. However, they are very dark. I don't know if it would be possible to sand them down to get them lighter or if we might switch then out in the future but at the moment they are really practical and sturdy.

And that's it - my current bedroom renovation mood board. If you have any suggestions for the space please leave them below. 

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