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Tuesday, September 13


A few months ago we got stuck in a rut with lunches - we weren't planning ahead and ended up having boring sandwiches in the house or spending unnecessary money in the work canteen. So I decided to shake thing up - did some googling and dusted off our 'Lunchbox Salads' book I forgot we owned...

I want things that are tasty and healthy for lunch in the office but they also have to be filling otherwise I will spend the afternoon snacking. So, most of the recipes in this post will have some sort of carb (other than bread) to keep me full. They are all quick and if you make enough they can be stored in the fridge giving you options for multiple days.

Sweet Potato & Spinach Niçoise Salad
via Lunchbox Salads
This is by far the fanciest lunch in this list but actually when you look at the cost of the salmon it still comes in at less than you'd normally pay for a salad and way more delicious. I love a Niçoise salad and once you've cooked the sweet potato it is quick to put together. It's nice to have a treat to look forward to at lunch. 

Orange & Beetroot Salad with Orange Dressing
via Lunchbox Salads
This recipe is the most traditional salad in this post and brings a wonderful orange flavour. A tin of lentils make it filling and the salmon flakes were optional we decided to add to the dish. I choose a bag of garden salad instead of rocket and topped with walnuts. Just keep an eye on the dressing so you don't burn it like I did.

Beetroot & Feta Pasta
I saw this recipe shared on the Zoella Instagram page and knew it was perfect for us because we regularly have feta left over. This no cook pasta sauce takes less time in the blender than the pasta takes to cook so it is perfect for a quick lunch. I like the pistachios on top but you could easily substitute for another kind of nut/seed you have in the cupboard. 

Charred Peach, Parma Ham and Bocconcini
Via Outdoor Cooking
This recipe is technically a starter from Tom Kerridge's Outdoor Cooking and okay I didn't cook this outside but it's still delicious and quick. It's just a case of making your dressing, charring the peaches and assembling on a plate. This time is the cheese (I used regular mozzarella) that makes this dish filling. 

Tortellini Salad
This pasta salad is delicious, even if mine doesn't look as good as the original blog post I followed, you can make it quickly when cooking your tea and the filled tortellini makes it more filling and delicious. I don't enjoy raw tomatoes or red onions so I cooked them down for a while in a pan before adding to the rest of the ingredients and to make this dish extra filling you can add beans if you have them. 

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