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Thursday, November 12


My boyfriend and I have now been working from home together since March. That's eight months (where has the time gone?) of lunches. One of the things I've enjoyed most is being able to come up with different ideas other than sandwiches or soup we'd normally take to the office. 

I like to have lunch ideas that use store cupboard essentials like tuna or eggs that we have in the house all the time that can be made into something delicious on a busy day or a recipe like the quiche below that can be made on a Sunday afternoon and enjoyed throughout the week. With the second lock down happening in England and most people still working from home in Scotland I thought now would be a good time to share some of the things we've been enjoying.

Easiest Broccoli Quiche
Like I said I made this quiche on a Sunday afternoon when I had a little more time and it did two lunches during the week. I choose it because it seemed a little healthier than a standard quiche because it's made with cottage cheese and has a delicious pesto base (something we always have in the fridge). It was quick to put together even if the filo pastry is a bit fiddly so the majority of the time is spent in the oven so you can get on with other tasks.

Huevos Motuleños
Fried eggs on tortillas with Tomato Salsa and Chicken. We love a Mexican dish and this one was inspired by Rick Stein's 'The Road to Mexico'. The refried beans were in the fridge already from a dish that was made earlier in the week and the tomato salsa was quick to whip up in a food processor so this dish was as simple and topping the toasted tortilla with all the ingredients and it was incredible. Such a treat! 

Quick Stuffed Potato Naans
These naans are made with potatoes, spinach, sweet onions, mango chutney yoghurt and topped with feta. I did manage to made them during my lunch hour but it would have been better to prepare the stuffing the night before. Jamie Oliver's simple naan recipe is always a winner in our house but I did find the filling a little dry so I want to try them again and get more moisture in them. 

Green Eggs & Ham Mashup
This lunch will always remind me of lock down round one because we had it nearly every week. Like I said earlier we always have pesto and eggs in the cupboards so all we needed to add to the shopping list was ham. I believe it is supposed to be prosciutto but it works well with any cooked meat. Just boil your eggs until they are just firm, spread pesto over your wrap, top with an egg cut up and the ham them fold and toast on both sides.
Sicilian Tuna Pasta
Some days lunch time arrives and I am starving so pasta is the perfect solution. We often have all the ingredients for this in the cupboard already and the sauce is easy to make in the time it takes to cook the pasta. Capers are delicious and something I don't eat nearly enough - simple and delicious!

You'll have noticed there are a few Jamie Oliver recipes in this post and I've written separate posts on the recipes I love from '5 Ingredients' and '7 Ways' if you want to check them out too. I also have an older post from my student days on lunch ideas if you are looking for more inspiration. 

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