Thirty Month Renovation Update

Wednesday, March 29

My last renovation update was four months ago and we've been gradually working on finishing around the kitchen. It's not been a quick process though... 

We had some decisions to make then waiting on the back door to be replaced so we could get the flooring took a few months. However, I am hopeful in my thirty two month update you will get to see a fully completed project.

Soon after the joiner finished the kitchen I managed to find this dining table and chairs on Facebook marketplace for £30. It needs a little sand but I can do that in the summer but honestly having a proper table has been a game changer for how we use the space. 

Next up was choosing the tiles... a process that took months! I didn't know what I wanted, browsing online didn't help and we couldn't find many in local stores that we liked either. Finally I came to realise kit kat style tiles would look good and thankfully I was happy with the samples from Claybrook.

It's such a relief when you finally make a decision and as soon as they arrived I had my parents lined up for the following Saturday to help tile. I was confident with the tiles we'd chosen that we could save some time and money by doing it ourselves. 

In the end it took us Saturday and Sunday one weekend to do the tiling then I did the grouting myself the following Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Bending over the kitchen worktops made our backs ache and I was tired but I'm really, really happy with the final look. 

The next thing that happened (just the day after we did the tiling) was the new backdoor was fitted. It leaked water so it was essential this was done before the flooring. It also made the kitchen really cold and didn't let any light in.

Seeing the difference it's made I'm really happy we went with a full pane of glass, it lets so much light in that end of the kitchen and matches the new(ish) patio doors. The shelves above were a temporary measure but they've now been removed giving us lots more space. 

I took these photos when we'd removed the few items of furniture we did have so the floor fitter could get to work the next day. The base is great but I can't wait to fill the room with more of our personality, soft furnishings and furniture that complements the space.

As I said in my last update we are going to do our best with the door at the bottom of the stairs because it has to stay, the landing also can't have flooring because it's the access to under the house but it's still an improvement.

The next steps are fully plastering, sanding, painting and putting up shelves in this cupboard that used to store the boiler for a pantry. The joiner is going to come back with some extra lengths of skirting before we finally get the flooring installed and it will feel like a completed project!

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