5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #40

Tuesday, March 7

 What happens to February? It's only a few days shorter than other months but it feels like it's over in a flash... Once again it's been a rocky few weeks at work so I'm focusing on the positives that are going on outside of work. Even though it has been snowing this week it feels like spring is within touching distance. 

1. A Proper Bird Bath

When we moved into the house over two years ago there was a horrible looking plastic bird bath in the garden but despite the look I loved watching the birds have a little drink or wash. When I mentioned to my mum I'd like to upgrade for my birthday she reminded me my Gran was looking to re-home hers. That was 11 months ago but I've finally got it and I love it. The birds haven't approached it yet... but they will!

2. Trying Out Too Good To Go Magic Bags

I decided to download the 'Too Good To Go' app and see what was available in my area to get a bargain and save food from waste. While there are only a few options and you have to be quick to get them we've found they are a really good way to get some mid-week lunches in for cheaper than eating out. So far Costa has been my favourite but I'm still hoping to get a Starbucks one to try too. 

3. Meeting my Parents for a Dog Walk

On a Friday afternoon when I felt like I needed to get out and see some other people we went to my Mum and Dads to take the dogs for a walk. Seeing how much Brodie loves playing with his friends makes me so happy and as a bonus he is shattered when we get home. 

4. Planning a 2023 Seed Order

This year I'm going to plan out the flowers and vegetables I want to grow and order the seeds with my Dad. It's exciting picking things that were a success last year and trying things I know we'll eat. I'm desperate to get outside and start planning but for now this will have to do. 

5. Picking Up Some Nice Plant Pots

I've been looking on Facebook Marketplace to build up a collection of nice spots - they can be more than £30 each so buying them new isn't an option. Luckily these 14 pots came up last week for £30 and I snapped them up straight away. I can't wait to start filling them with colour for the patio in summer. 

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