5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #41

Sunday, April 16

 In my last post I predicted life would be too full on for blogging but not for the reasons I was expecting. I got an awful cold that meant all I was capable for a week was going to work then coming home to bed, even after I felt better I still had a cough that made me feel sick and gave me a sore head. Thankfully I'm feeling much better now but I still wouldn't say I feel 100%.

1. Finally Getting the New Flooring in the Kitchen

I've been excited to have the new flooring in the kitchen because it would finally mean the project was complete. It hasn't disappointed either - in the first few days I kept going back through to look at it. I am obsessed with how good it looks. 

2. Fun Nights Out with the Team at Work

Instead of one night out a year for Christmas at work we're aiming to do one a quarter so our first one was at the end of March. We went to a local distillery for gin and vodka tasting before heading back into town for karaoke. I do wish I'd gone home earlier though because the next day was a right-off.

3. Planting Seeds and Potatoes for the New Growing Year

Last weekend I started lots of the seeds I bought for the 2023 growing season - I have a little look at them everyday and it's so exciting to see everything germinating. I've also decided to grow potatoes this year too - some first earlies in my raised bed and a main crop in containers. I'm excited to eat them!

4. Making Progress with the Pantry Cupboard

The only remaining job in the new kitchen is to put up shelves in the cupboard for a pantry. I finally decided how we were going to do it so last weekend we went to Wickes and bought everything we need. My plan is to paint the wood dark green to match the kitchen so it will all feel like one space. Watch out for the next post in my renovation series to see the result. 

5. Treating Myself to a Stackers Laptop Bag

I started a new job at the start of April so I decided to treat myself to a fancy new bag when I saw this one from Stackers advertised on Instagram. Not only does it look really professional but it's got lots of handy organisation inside that will mean everything I need to take to work will be stored nicely away. 

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