I Would Like to Reintroduce Myself

Saturday, May 13

Top: Me Made (Peppermint Magazine Ruffle-Sleeve Top) |  Jeans: Tu at Sainsburys

I've been blogging for over ten years now so there is bound to be some new faces around here. Hello, welcome! So I thought it was about time I reintroduced myself because a lot has changed since I was blogging in my final year of high school. 

My name is Claire, the red head behind G is for Gingers, and I've lived in the north east of Scotland all my life. I grew up in the countryside with my mum and dad, moved to Aberdeen for four years during university and moved back closer to home in a seaside town with my boyfriend. 

I have a degree in Geology and Petroleum Geology from the University of Aberdeen. It was a great degree and I learnt so much about work ethic, balance and got to see so much of Scotlands beautiful landscapes and geology over the four years I spent in Aberdeen. 

However, I find transitions hard so when my degree came to an end I struggled to know what I wanted to do next with a very clear idea of what I didn't want to do. An entry level geologists job working mainly offshore wasn't for me. During that time I moved into my boyfriends flat - I felt like I was treading water for longer than I should have while I figured life out. 

After countless unsuccessful job applications a company where I live, thankfully, were looking for graduate interns the following Spring and I felt this was my chance to enter the world of work and understand out what my future career might look like. 

Since then I've been thriving, I love my continuous improvement role within the Quality team and I'm really good at it. School and uni knocked the confidence out of me! They weren't environments I could succeed in, but work is great and I'm finding myself again. 

In September 2020 my boyfriend and I moved out of his flat and bought our forever home. It's needed a lot of work so the past two years have been heavily focused on DIY. I've been documenting it all in a renovation series here on my blog. Sitting back now it's almost finished and looking at what we've achieved it's amazing and we've built a home we love. 

Of course a home with a secure garden and a job that allows flexible working his meant Brodie has joined our family. He is a springer spaniel and a bundle of energy but now our house wouldn't be the same without him. He has been great for my mental health too and keeps us going outside in all weathers. 

Now that life is settling down I'm starting to find the hobbies I love again plus some new ones. I love being in the garden or my greenhouse in the summer, doing crafting either with my sewing machine or cricut, I've always enjoy getting lost in a book plus I still love blogging. 

G is for Gingers will still be me documenting my life and the things I enjoy as they evolve over the years. I've split everything into categories you can find at the top of this page if your interested in a particular topic or add my blog to your feedly to catch all my new posts. 

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