Thirty Two Month Renovation Update

Sunday, May 21

Our new kitchen/dinning room flooring was installed at the end of March and our dream kitchen feels complete. It has been a long time coming between having to save up a little after the actual kitchen and fitting cost then the lead time on the flooring we wanted. It was worth the wait though - it's gorgeous!

In the end the flooring was the easiest decision - we loved how the Moduleo herringbone in Sierra Oak looked in our hall and decided to continue the flow through to the dinning room and then to the kitchen. Even having it at the back door and pantry makes it all feel like one complete space. 

Now it's only finishing touches left to do in the kitchen - I added this shelf for some of my plants repurposed from an off-cut of the kitchen. I also want to get some prints and a clock in this area because there are a lot of white walls at the moment.  

We've also now ordered an oak window sill for the kitchen window (after months of not making up our mind what we wanted). The final touch will be some blinds but I'm going to hold off until I see the perfect thing because at the moment I'm happy with how it looks. 

The final task, which is a work in progress this weekend, is putting up shelving in the pantry cupboard. For a while I wasn't sure how we were going to do it but then I saw these twin slot shelving systems while browsing in Wicks and knew it would be perfect to give us then flexibility we need. 

They are up now with some scraps of wood to test what I was looking for while we waiting on the proper lengths that I will cut and paint to match the kitchen. Then I will be able to tidy it up and give me the Pinterest pantry of dreams... maybe!

I think this might be my last renovation update for a while. Now it's just finishing touches that we will add gradually and I might have more to share on our third moving in anniversary in September. Thank you for following along on this journey and it you want to catch up all eighteen posts here

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