5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #42

Sunday, June 11

I am tired this evening but also grateful for a fun weekend after a really busy week at work. The sun is showing it's face more and more often now so I'm excited for summer. There have been lots of other things that have made me happy recently that I wanted to share.

1. My New Strawberry and Bee Converse

My new converse were a social media inspired purchased. I saw them all over twitter and couldn't resist them. I want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible with them being so pale so I'll be saving them for best. Check out how I styled them with my latest me made skirt - My Me Made Floral Paper Bag Skirt Three Ways

For my American readers, if you are looking for a good deal this is where you can find Converse.

2. Lunch with Friends

Last weekend my uni flatmate came down to visit - we took the dog for a walk on the beach, went out for lunch and enjoyed a cuppa in the garden. She is moving further away so it was so nice to catch up since we might not see so much of each other. 

3. Starting Seeds in the Greenhouse

The last month has been peak season for starting seeds in my greenhouse and potting up the ones that are growing. I've started a lot this year so I shared it all in a blog post last week - All The Seeds I've Started This Year.

4. Our New Garden Chairs

The metal bench that was in our garden when we moved in finally came to the end of its life so we bought the wooden chairs with a table in the middle we've had our eye on. Perfect for a morning cuppa or enjoying a cider in the sunshine in the evening. 

5. A Hen Party in Glasgow

This afternoon I returned from a quick trip to Glasgow for a hen party on Saturday night. I rarely go for solo trips so I really made the most of the time. Having a mooch around the shops on Saturday before the party then a walk round the botanic gardens this morning before catching the train home. 

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