The Trouser Suit I Didn't Know I Needed

Tuesday, June 13

Trouser Suit: Next (via Vinted and eBay) | Shirt: New Look | Shoes: Matalan | Bag: Stackers
I had no interest in owning a suit, never looked at them or considered them, until a pre-Christmas shopping trip with my Mum when she spotted one in the charity shop. It looked so smart but also me that I had to try it on but sadly it didn't fit so obviously I was already browsing Vinted in the car on the way home. 

It look a couple of attempts to get the sizing correct - I needed the trousers a size bigger than my usual but the bigger size also needed altered at the waist so they sit on my hips without constantly needing pulled up. Strangely, the jacket is two sizes bigger than I'd normally wear but when I finally got the right size it just felt correct on. 

One reason I felt I could justify the purchase was I could wear the trousers separately to work, which I do multiple times a week, and just wear the jacket when I need to look smarter. It's great to have that option - especially since I started my new role at the start of April. 

My laptop bag was a treat for securing my new job from myself. It's from Stackers so it had all the useful storage additions you'd expect while also looking smart and keeping my laptop safe. I was such a tote bag girl but I felt I needed something more professional. 

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