A Pantry Cupboard Renovation Mood Board

Wednesday, August 23

Dulux Eggshell (colour match) | Moduleo Sierra Oak | Twin Slot Shelving | Gold Hooks
This is technically a little mood board after I've finished the project - it was in the blog plan for earlier in the year and then I didn't look at my plan again until recently! 

Our intension was always to give our kitchen more storage by making this little area at the back door into a proper pantry. When the house was originally built it will have been coal storage with an opening on the outside, when we moved it the boiler was kept here until we moved it to the garage but it's the perfect space for storing extras from the kitchen. 

I held off for a long time because I wasn't sure how to attach the shelves themselves - they obviously needed to be strong to hold the weight of the jars but most brackets seemed quite big or didn't give us the flexibility needed to store different items. Then I saw this twin slot shelving when we were in Wickes and knew instantly it would be perfect. 

Knagglig Box | WeMadeSomethingNice Print | Korken Jar | Risatorp Basket
To keep everything feeling consistent and like one space I knew I was going to get the kitchen colour matched by dulux and paint the shelves in eggshell to match the kitchen. It's a really easy thing to do and with some simple pine board cut into lengths I was able to make it look like we'd bought them with the kitchen. 

I want the shelves to be as practical as possible but also stylish so I've been picking things up in Ikea. We already own a large collection of Korken jars in all sizes but I thought these baskets would be good for potatoes and onions that don't go in the fridge. 

The idea is to keep store cupboard items - flour, rice, pasta etc all through here as well as the spices that are in bigger jars. I'd also like to have room for a few small appliances like the slow cooker and food processor but it's only a small space so I might be getting ambitious. 

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