20 Facts About Me

Monday, February 18

1. I have acne with really gets me down :( I'm not the type of person to wear make up and some days I look look at my face and hate it! 

2. I always have cold hands even if its warm outside or if i'm inside

3. I used to want to be an olympic swimmer.

4. I'm allergic to house dust, cats, horses, hamsters (most pets actually) but thats never stopped me from cuddling them.

5. I am really fussy when it comes to eating meat and the slightest thing puts me off and makes me feel sick.

6. I love my dogs so much, I have two collies and they are the highlight of my crazy family- couldn't live without them.

7. When I was seven in spain my brother was chasing me round the swimming pool and to get away from him I jumped in because he couldn't swim but he jumped in after me and jumped on top of me so he didn't drown only I was under the water for ages- so scary.

8. I am a worrier and can get myself really down about things that don't matter

9. I hate phone calls and will do anything I can to avoid them

10. I spend a lot of time tidying my room and actually enjoy it! I find it really relaxing when its tidy like I've tidied my mind.

11. I have enough scarfs to wear a different one for a month and a half!?

12. I can get into a bad mood and be angry really easily and storm off...

13. I love galaxy chocolate, if I'm ever sad thats what I eat.

14. I've performed in twelve song shop shows in Montrose from jesus christ superstar to oklahoma.

15. My favourite perfume is Ghost-Midnight

16. I am not the type of girl who get all emotional and lovey about my friends, I just can't act that way even though I do love them

17. I have a really bad habit of taking photos of myself or videos on my phone if I'm bored so I freak out if anyone is looking through my phone

18. I am scared of the bars in the swimming pool wave machines and freak out if I float to close to them!!!

19. I am also scared of snakes being in the toilet in the middle of the night after something I watched on newsround when I was much younger.

20. I have had asthma since I was about four and can still remember the first time I went to hospital

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