My Week In Pictures #4

Sunday, February 17

(From top left) Ginger Joe ready for me to drink tonight, I would really like a hat like this, Happy smiles going on the train to perth, Painted my nails with barry M 'dusky mauve',  A last christmas present from my aunty love them, my outfit on saturday, Pleated my hair for school, Got bored with standard revision so made hand prints with physics notes written on them, Watched the awakening with mum last night- it was quite good but a little confusing.
To be honest I've not been feeling very well today, went to sleep with a sore tummy, feeling a bit sick and then woke up feeling pretty much the same way. However, we still went to TK Maxx and I was ready to spend my money but i didn't see anything. It always happens to me. Got another day off school tomorrow but I don't have any plans yet. Hope you had a good weekend. 

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