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Saturday, February 16

Jumper- Primark T-shirt- Marks and Spencer Jeans- H&M Boots- River Island
Well this has certainly been a very active few days! I wore this outfit on the train to my aunty and uncles in perth on thursday. My aunty is a massive, elderly fashionista so I was really excited to spend a few days shopping and adding to my wardrobe but sadly in TK Maxx on friday she collapsed because her blood pressure fell so low. We had to call an ambulance and spent an hour waiting on her in A&E but thankfully she was allowed home. She is better but i am still worried about her.  That didn't stop her watching QVC all night. She bought be a lovely fair of purple flip flops for summer so I cannot wait until they arrive!

Hopefully tomorrow mum and I will get to go to the shops before I go back to school. still searching for that perfect skater skirt. Have a good weekend.

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