My Week In Pictures #19

Sunday, June 9

(from top left) Tried to do some illustrating.... It went quite wrong actually- need to practice more. Went into our bee hives this afternoon- there is lots of honey now!! All the tickets for my family to go to Grease this week. Went out for tea at the glass pavilion on thursday. Watched Grease last night to get me in the mood for the show. A boho look for summer complete with dodgy smile. Sexy selfie in my bee suit ;) Getting my body ready for summer.

Well nothing exciting happened this week. I have been to rehearsals three times and went to see Callum twice. On monday I handed in my folio for photography and I am really proud of it- might do a post of my final 12 images if you would be interested. Sadly I spent the next two days in my bed feeling really sick and dissy when I walked. On Thursday my aunt and uncle came out and took me out for tea at the glass pavilion beside the beach which was really lovely sitting out in the sun. I had fish and chips which was simple but very tasty. Yesterday mum, dad and I went to a Bee Keepers meeting and learned lots more about taking care of bees so we could go into ours today and look for signs and disease and do things to prevent them for escaping. 

The best thing that has happened is jamie going off to his duke of edinburgh practice expedition so we don't have to see him now until Tuesday however this has it downside. Callum is also away on the expedition so I won't be talking to him for two nights!! Not sure if I can sleep without talking to him lucky I have song shop to keep my mind off it. Going to a technical rehearsal at half six and tomorrow we have four hours for a full dress rehearsal. Very excited for this week and the beautiful outfits I get to wear. Will keep you updated. 

I put these few items on ASOS marketplace today after trying to have a bit of a clear out. They are all going fairly cheap so check them out here. If you have any questions please let me know. Hope you all have a good weekend. 

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