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Wednesday, June 19

Top: New Look Skirt: New Look
Been on the fake tan. Can you tell? This was a simple everyday outfit from last week. I was just off to the town hall for the show but I always feel like dressing up a little for the occasion. My hair is all perfect too for a change and I have no make up ready for stage make up. I love this t shirt. It is pretty plain but has such a lovely fit but it is a little bit cropped and I wouldn't feel comfortable without it being tucked in. I can also now wear a black shirt without feeling like it is my school uniform (even if it used to be). 

Ahh... Prom is tomorrow. If I think about it too much it will stress me out. It's the social event of sixth year but I have not prepared well enough. I don't have a bag for starters or a plan for my hair. I need serious help!? Tweet me @Gingerclaire_ if you have any ideas for my hair. I'm just not very good at this kinda stuff. Hopefully get some good outfit pictures before I have to much to drink. Wish me luck!!

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  1. I love your top! It's so cute! The whole outfit ideas is very nice!

    Dash xx


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