T in the Park- Part 1 (Packing)

Thursday, July 11

Camping Essentials- Hand sanitizer, wipes, dry shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush, mascara, hair brush, deodorant, moisturizer, body spray, mouthwash, sun cream, lip gloss, paracetamol, ibuprofen, blue inhaler purple inhaler, antihistamine, Vaseline, mirror, bobbles and Kirby's. 
 I always spend ages making lists of what to take away with me so I've limited this down to the things I absolutely need. i have been camping plenty of times with my family but never to a festival so i am some what of a newby... Hope I've got it all although I will report back afterwards. 

Other accessorizes and food- ID, bank card, money, bottle, torch, camera, old phone, sunglasses, pillow (inflatable) and a shoulder bag. breakfast biscuits, tomato pasta, trail mix, berries and yogurt cranberries and cereal bars.
 I could fill my bag with endless amounts of notebooks, arty stuff, books but I know I won't need it so it's staying at home (just). Also felt like I should take a bit of food with me so I picked some filling semi healthy things which will stop me spending to much money on food. 

T-shirt- Red Herring. Shorts: Peacocks.

Pinafore- Newlook. Crop Top- un secret du papillon (TK Maxx) Tights- Tesco

Top- Primark. Shorts- Peacocks

Top- Primark. Leggings- Newlook

Jumpers- Both Primark

Wellington Boots- Sherwood Forest
 I tried very hard to clean my wellies to make them look less like I live on a farm (I do) but I guess they are just wearing out. At the bottom on this post i've created my ultimate band list so you have an idea of who I will be listening to. As you can imagine I am super excited and better hurry to pack this stuff into my bag!! Hope you have a great weekend. See you monday!! :D

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