My Week In Pictures #24

Tuesday, July 16

(From top left) Bags all ready and packed for T. Weathers looked amazing for Friday. Practicing putting up my tent. My little birds have come out of their nests. Just got off the bus at T. After about an hour look at the state of my feet!!
(From top left) My clean wristband. Falling asleep in the heat in the arena. Waiting to see bastille. Just before my shower when I got home (couldn't even get the brush through my hair). The fire works at the end of T20. Frank Turner- defiantly in my top five acts. 

Going to keep this post short and sweet because I am planning a T in the park diary later this week but I had an amazing time!! It was the best weekend ever. The music, the people and the weather!! Shock. Was so prepared for the rain.

My blog also has reached over 1000 views which I am so honored at. To know people regularly read these posts makes me so happy!! Thank you.

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