T in the park- Part 2 (The Bands)

Friday, July 19


I can't believe this time last week I was fully immersed in the festival experience! What a weekend it was, one of the best ever. Bring on T21!! So we left on the 10am bus and at bought 11 we arrived at Balado and the stress started. As a pale skinned ginger the sun really really doesn't agree with me so with my bag which weighed a tone and the walk (which would have been reasonable on an ordinary day) completely killed me. I also ended up with a box of bud and two boxes of Kopparberg incase we got searched and it was confiscated from my underage friends and when I put it down to have my wrist band put on I could not pick up them up again. Queue most embarrassing moment of my life and I struggled to pick up the boxes and my friends completely ditched me. Some lovely lady did eventually help me and I could get off again. Following behind because I could only take little steps I quickly got completely lost... and then I fainted. My head when really really sore cloudy and then I feel over and couldn't stand for the next half hour at least. Did anyone come back for me... No but it was okay in the end. Don't let me focus on the negative- the weekend then turned out to be incredible!!

I will never ever forget Calvin Harris closing the radio one stage on Friday night. It was the most intense experience of my life- I am still recovering from the bruises! We were fully in the middle of the crowd- next to people setting off flares!? and we danced until it got dark and our feet were aching. I have to admit we got back to out tents and I went straight to sleep but it was the best sleep and I'm so glad I did. I wouldn't have coped the whole weekend without decent sleep.

Chase and status. Another incredible crowd!! and only narrowly avoided mosh pits but they were so good and 'no problem' their opening was just so so good. The whole show was just so worth it.

Frank Turner and Bastille were on Sunday afternoon. They were both incredible! Daniel (from Bastille don't you know!?) was honestly so honored we were there and really pulled out a great set. Deleted the video of Pompeii I made though *cry* and after they finished we went right to the front to wait for Frank Turner!! He was just incredible!! Honestly made my weekend just to be able to see him and dance like a dafty to his music!!


Here comes one the hardest decisions of my life!! Jake Bug and Of Monsters and Men were playing at the same time! :'(Clearly I saw Jake Bugg but will forever regret not going to see Of Monsters and Men but hey ho Jake was amazing!! Modestep were one of the many band we went to see who I’d never heard of but really enjoyed for the few song I heard before Callum pulled me out the ten (I knew it wouldn’t be his type of music) and the Asian guitarists!!

The Original Rude Boys- Another good smaller band. It was quite early in the day so sadly the crowd wasn't ready to party but regardless they were good and one of the truest quotes from the whole weekend "We know most of you guys have no idea who we are"

Snoop Dog... (Snooooooooppppp Dddddoooooooggggg) Need I say more? Even though it isn't really my type of music the man is a complete legend!! He has his own mike! He really got the crowd going. So good. Tribes (I am fairy sure anyways) They were really really good and deserved a bigger audience. Defiantly will be listening to them again. 

The Fratellies. Had I ever listened to them? No. Were they fantastic? YES!! There are to many amazing bands out there for me but these guys are worth the listen (Yes I know they've been around a while) and looking at these pictures I think I will go and listen to their set again!! 

Went to see Twin Atlantic alone. Brave I know but the guys I was with didn't know who they were and I knew the girls were there somewhere but I couldn't see them so just got as close to the front as I could. They were amazing too!! I only saw about four songs but they played 'Free' and I was so so so happy!!

How good were the killers!?? I don't even know what to say!! Just totally amazing! Best crowd, Best friends, Best music in the world!! 

I knew this post would take ages to write thats why I've been putting but also I've been quite unwell. My throat has been all swollen and sore since tuesday evening and yesterday I couldn't stay awake. It can't last forever and I am sure I will be on top blogging form soon. Also if you have a similarly T in the park post I would love to read it!! 

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