My Week In Pictures #25

Sunday, July 21

(From top left) What I've been living on for the past week, Watching E4 continuously, Working my way through scrubs, Can see mum guilt tripping me into watching submarine tonight.
I am going to be the first to admit that this week in pictures is fairly sad and pointless but here we go anyways. After getting back from T in the park on Monday and being on a high I started to develop a very sore throat on Tuesday evening. It's just gone down hill from there. I've sent my days between the sofa and my bed with really swollen glandes in my neck and in a lot of pain. Keep thinking I'm getting better and then I relapse. I have spent time catching up on scrubs season nine, getting addicted to charmed (google it if you don't remember it) and drinking cold and flu relief (which I hate but it's the only thing that helps).

I really really have to get my life in order starting next week, find a job and hopefully some future for myself, get out and see my friends and family and just generally not waste my life away- because it feels like I've been doing just that this week. If all else fails I've ordered a new handbag so that will cheer me up. Hope you've had a better weekend than mine and if you are in need of cheering people read my T in the park posts! 

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