What's in my handbag

Tuesday, September 17

I really enjoy reading 'what's in your bag' posts but never got round to doing one myself before. I am in contrast to most other females because I don't keep lots of 'stuff' in my bag and try to travel as light as possible because lets face it who wants to carry more weight around. I also change my things between about three handbags to go with different outfits. Hopefully soon when I find a job I'm going to get a city bag from Zara (or whatever there current style is).

Firstly I take all the tech with me you would expect. My nokia lumia doesn't leave me... ever. I also take my ipod with me because you just never know where you might end up on a bus or walking somewhere alone. Obviously being a blogger I take my camera most places with me just incase. It's a good size for a slightly bigger bag and I also keep it in the case I got in paper chase to keep it safe. I like to be a optimist and carry my sun glasses- I wear them a lot in the car because the sun reflecting through the windows hurts my eyes and I hate not being able to see.

My purse is from imperial horse and was a gift from mum a few birthdays ago. I really like it despite it being a little chunky and it can get quite heavy when it has change in it- but don't they all? I was my first grown up purse and seems to fit everything I need in a purse. I do need to find some way of keeping my money and cards safe on a night out in a small purse.

I'm not huge on make up for everyday but I always carry my Vaseline, lip gloss and lip stick because you never know what might happen. This lip stick is from body shop and I LOVE it- it's got a great texture and colour. Another thing I take with me when I'm wearing make up is bare minerals translucent vail to get ready of any shinny patches that may appear.

As you read this I will hopefully be in edinburgh/ Ikea. I'm defiantly not the only person who loves interiors and Ikea is like heaven so expect a hall soon. I was still up at 2am last night (this morning) and for some reason looked at my bank account and I've not actual taken money from my account since July so I am in need for a treat.


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    Georgia and Kate


    1. Yes I will do a button swap but I don't use GFC sorry x

  3. Haha yes, you deserved a treat :) lol
    Hope you had fun in Ikea! xx
    Tina from the Style Sinners

  4. Hey, I love your blog are you interested in doing a button swap? I've put yours on mine already, just let me know whether you would or not xxxx



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