My Week In Pictures #34

Sunday, September 22

(From top left) How cool would it be to have your bathroom tiled like this? Went and picked berries today for some possible baking later. Made gingerbread on thursday. My first graze box arrived this week. Went to hornblowers award winning chippy for tea on Friday. My little ikea haul. Got some compliments on my nails too. Selfie before going out for lunch on Friday.
Been out and about this week for a change. With my brother away for three days on this duke of edinburgh expedition we took the opportunity to go down to Edinburgh and a little trip to Ikea. Got some amazing smelling candles. Had a little knock back on the whole uni 2014 thing but you can read about it in yesterdays post though. Had some new ideas so I won't let it get me down for long. On Friday my aunty and uncle came out and I went out for lunch with my aunty while my uncle walked the dogs then we went to get my brother from school. We went to hornblowers for tea which is a delicious chippy which has won awards. It was really tasty- I had scampi. My weekend has been spent mostly in the house. I put together a blog sale yesterday and would much appreciate it if you could have   look above. I went and picked some black berries which I might make a cake tonight but I am feeling pretty tired. We also stole some tatties from the field next to us- just ones the farmer had missed. Thats me up to date now. I hope you've had a good weekend- away to join in the lifestyle bloggers chat.

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