Off To Edinburgh.. Again

Saturday, September 21

Jumper- Primark. Skirt- Newlook. Tights- Tesco. Boots- River Island. Scarf- Spanish market stall
Spent the past hour putting together a blog sale instead of this post which is very late. Lazy me oops. You know when things just aren't great and you don't have the motivation to blog well that's been me. While we were in Edinburgh I got a less than helpful email from the university I wanted to go to; stupid smart phones- this would never of happened with my nokia brick. It put a slight downer on the day when they basically said I didn't have a chance of getting in next year and I should go to collage instead. Now I don't want to slag off because I'm sure collage is the correct path for some people but to get into a HNC at my local one you need TWO passes at any relevant higher and I have ABBB as well as three other highers at C only one of which was an 'easy' subject so I just feel I am over qualified- I don't want to sound like I think I'm better than other people but you know what I mean... I hope. Anyway that's my rant over for today because I got a lovely email from a lady at Aberdeen who was so helpful and that has cheered me up again. 

However, I didn't know any of this when I got dressed on Tuesday morning so I choose some bright, happy clothes. You know when it's late and your lying in bed thinking about clothes and you have a great idea for something old in your wardrobe- well that's what I hope I had on Monday night. I got this jumper/top in primark last year and so far have only worn it with my jeans as a lazy outfit but I think it looks great with this skater skirt. It is slightly thicker than a normal t-shirt so it's a good transitional piece. I wore the skirt with a very matchy pair of tights (I'm not sure that actually makes sense...) which mum got me in spring but never got round to opening. They actually have coloured flecks in them but they've not shown up to great in these pictures. Again I'm in my super comfy river island boots which are my favourites for being on my feet all day.

On this trip to Edinburgh we stopped in to the Scottish gallery of modern art which was quite interesting but only half of it was open so we didn't stay to long. We wander round there outside sculptors for a while though. The photo directly above was what I saw just after 'that' email refereed to earlier so maybe some divine being is looking after me? I sure hope so because I need it now. We then went for lunch at the botanic gardens for the second time in 4 weeks where this time I had a delicious Caesar salad which I wolfed into before I remembered I was going to take a photo... Most unblogger like behaviour. We then walked around the gardens and took some pictures before having a look at the book shops in stock bridge (my dads favourite place). Our last stop before heading home was ikea but I think I will leave that for tomorrows post because I've rambled on to long. Thank you if you read the whole thing and please have a look at my blog sale when it goes live tonight.

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