My Week In Pictures #35

Sunday, September 29

(From top left) Made a black berry cake earlier this week- recipe will follow. My new faux fur coat- who doesn't love polar bears? Going to go and watch game of thrones for the rest of the night. My new lace top. My super cosy onesie. Been practising my fishtail pleats today. A little selfie before going out last night. Signed the form to confirm my place at uni.
Going to keep tonight's post brief because it is freezing in the office and I want to get back to my cosy room. I posted about this weeks big news on Fridays post so have a look at if you wanna know all my university info. On Friday I went to my aunty and uncles and played with my little cousins. My other cousin has not long started primary one so I went to school to get her- she was so shocked and happy to see me! Very cute. When mum and I went into town yesterday I managed to pick up two things. The first was this lovely faux fur coat in a charity shop- I only paid £4.99 so I was super happy to find it. Also got a new top which I will show you more of in a OOTD post later this week. Last night I was persuaded out to the pubs by a friend. It sort of ended up being me and the guys but I had a great time anyway and I'm so glad I went out. Just having a lazy day today. I have one last question tonight before I go- I am hopefully getting a mac book very soon and I was wondering of ways you guys can get the Internet all round your house without having wifi- my parents won't change what they use. Hope you've all had a great weekend. Much love!

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