Yet Another Skater Skirt

Tuesday, October 1

Top- Instyle Skirt- New Look. Tights- F&F. Shoes- M&S
Can't quite believe that I went out dressed like this on Saturday night. I really hate my tummy (don't we all) so I've never worn a crop top before but also because we are all talking about autumn and I was perfectly warm (maybe that has something to do with the alcohol inside me). I did take my coat with me but it didn't leave the car.

I bought this top on Saturday morning especially for going out because I didn't know what to wear with my skater skirt that I hadn't worn before and snapped it up for only £5 in a local boutique stop. I love how soft it is but also I just love lace. What do you think?

Exciting I am starting my uni course this week. My first lecture was today so I will have to watch it online at some point and m geology textbook is in the post. I am such a geek and can't wait to learn things again. It looks very interesting if not a little confusing. 

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