Homemade Halloween Bat Costume

Friday, October 18

This is the first tutorial I’ve ever done but when I hear about bloggoween I just knew I had to take part. I love the occasion because dressing up is one of my favourite things. I know I’m not the only one who loves it so keep your eyes posted for the other bloggoween posts which will be up at the same time as this one.

I started this tutorial last year because I was toying with the idea of starting a blog and thought it would be a good idea to have some possible posts ready just encase. So these pictures (Well half of them- for some reason they stopped after I’d made the wings so I’ve had to do a little improvising) have been in my idea folder for a whole year so I am glad they are coming out.

I’m going to say this idea isn’t uniquely mine (what a surprise there) but were in last years November Company. This also marks the start of me reading blogs because I had to look up the costume (turns out it wasn’t on a blog at all) but I fell in love with them at that time. So that’s enough rambling from me I should start with the tutorial.

You will need:
White chalk
A dinner plate
Good quality (fabric) scissors
Black fabric- an old sheets or cheap lining material would be perfect but when I went into the shop I fell for the gothic look of this velvet and it wasn’t much more expensive.
Needles and black thread
A black dress with long sleeves- these are very cheap and easy to find on ebay but if you don’t have time a black top would work equally well.
An old black hair band
Cardboard (From a cereal box would be perfect.)

I hope the pictures speak for themselves because I’m not the best at explaining things sometimes but there goes…

With a bit of luck the fabric will stretch from one wrist to the other (with your arms up so it’s a straight line from one to the other across your back). I then folded it in half and pinned it at random places so the two parts where securely held together.

Then use the plate to draw big scalloped edges to for a sort of triangle (you can see from the picture how it should turn out). And then cut out this shape.

That’s your wings done now and all you have to do is sew them to the dress. It would be helpful to pin it in place so you can make sure they are just where you want them. I also turned the edges in slightly to make them look neat. Another little tip is to make sure the wings are sewn to the under part of the sleeves because this will make it sit nicer. This part might require another person to help you pin it in place when you are wearing it.

The next step is to made the ears. You could always buy some cat ones but I went ahead with the whole costume being DIY. You will need two cardboard triangles (the size you want the ears to be) and also four black triangles with tabs at the bottom (for sewing them to the hair band.) You should stitch the two black triangles together with the cardboard in the middle. Stitch close to the card along the bottom leaving the tabs free.

I'm not 100% sure how to describe the next step. You should wrap the two 'flaps' of the material around the band and then get your needles and stitch it together. Your thread should wrap round the hair band- going in and out of the material at each side. (Please don't hesitate to ask!!)

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