My Week In Pictures #38

Sunday, October 20

(From top left) Reached 100 followers by my 100th post. Beef curry for tea. This weeks graze box. My new pumpkin lights. OOTD for shopping today. Been to primark. Selfie before lunch with family on Friday. Watched skyfall for the 2nd time last night. 
Well this weeks big news for me happened on Friday. I reached my 100th post and you guys also helped me reach my 100th follower. Thank you so much- it honestly means loads that someone read my weekly musings. This week has been spend trying and failing to do uni work- also got the dates for my first tutorial so I will have to start trying so I don't look stupid in front of everyone in my class. On Monday I did a little shifting of my desk in my room and now I'm much happier it is in a brighter part of my room. I also got those cute pumpkin fairy lights from poundland which now hang on my desk- I love them. On Friday my aunt and uncle came and took us out for lunch so I got the chance to dress up and take some OOTD photos finally. It was really nice to see them and we were able to chill in front of the fire and watch agents of shield (how good is it btw?). Today mum and I went to the shops because she needed something for the wedding we are going to next weekend. She is the worst shopper so thankfully she got a really lovely dress (I'm sure you'll see it in photos next week). I was on the look out for a clutch to match my shoes but i didn't see one in my price range- off to search the intent now. Hope you've all had a good weekend.

Ps. I've become an instagramer so follow me @ginger_claire and I will have a look at yours too. 

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