My Pick of Windows Phone 7 Apps

Wednesday, October 16

You may or may not have noticed in the past few days I've got into instagram (ginger_claire). Being a windows phone user it took me a while to find the right 3rd party app (one that actually worked) for using it. So on the back of this I thought I would do my pick of windows phone 7 apps.

I got my Nokia Lumia in april after my birthday. One of the things which attracted me to it was the live tiles on the main screen. I thought they sounded a good unique idea and I have found out I love them. I cannot print screen (one of the phones few faults) so I have recreated my home screen for you. These are the apps I regularly use after the most basic one. Above these I have my contacts (people), phone, camera, SMS, music and videos, photos and calendar. 

Firstly I'm going to point out Nokia actually does extra apps of their own which have some features your phone might be missing. I downloaded bluetooth share, camera extras and creative studio. Without the bluetooth share app you cannot send/receive photos by bluetooth. The camera extras is helpful to add a few more features to a very basic camera. I am also very impressed with the creative studio for editing photos- you can increase contrast, brightness, saturations as well as crop and add filters. These are all free too which is a bonus.

I also use the following apps:

Instagraph: This is the only app I've ever paid for- a vast 79p but money well spent because I can put pictures on Instagram (woo!) It's pretty simple you can pick a picture from the gallery or take one add Instagram filters and tag people. You can also post pictures to twitter and Facebook too. It's only fault is you can browse Instagram with it.

Instacam: This app solves the problems of instagraph and is free. I browse pictures, see whos following me and like photos. Perfect and simple.

Hotmail: Simply because what sort of blogger would go out without their emails.

Twitter: Yep I'm a bit of a twitter addict so I'm always checking whats happening. Also found out I can have both my accounts on the one app- why did this take me so long.

Flashlight-X: Yes it drains your battery like mad but who doesn't need a torch sometimes.

Calculator2: Being a student a scientific calculator is a must and this one ticks all the buttons.

Money Box: Being a self confessed miser this app is so helpful. This small app helps you to carry always the correct answer with you. You can use four different money boxes in four different colors- enter in what you spent and where. Helps me keep track of my cash so there are no more 'where did all that money go moments'.

Bluetooth share: Already talked about this one above. Great app.

My wardrobe: Felt very chuffed when I found this one! Well, with this app you can take your whole wardrobe and your washing list with you! It's simple: select the category, take a picture of your clothes, type an optional description, and save it! Was a little bit buggy but I think they've fixed that now.

Internet explorer: Built in and useful- thats about it.

Facebook: Good old Facebook. We love to hate it but still use it.

I could write a whole review on my phone because I love it but I hope you find my round up of apps helpful. If you have a windows phone and think I've missed one let me know below. Thank you for reading!

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