Lets Go to a Tea Party

Tuesday, October 22

Dress: Primark. Blazer: New Look. Shoes: Marco Tozzi. Scarf: F&F.
If like me you've been lusting after the Primark autumn/winter collection for the past few months you might recognise this cute tea dress. I love the pattern and the material feels lovely and silky- maybe not that warm though. They also have it in a blue colour (I think) and at only £8.00 I thought it was a bargain. I have also recently got my favourite Marco Tozzi boots back from being heeled and I am so happy. They are my favourite boots- they match most outfits and I think they are really comfy. this is the first outing for my blazer which was a bargain ebay buy and luckily matches this dress perfectly.

I didn't do anything exciting last Friday just went out for lunch with family but as I'd been in the house all week I decided to try and dress up a little. I am also wanting all the stuff in my blog sale gone very soon so please have a look and feel free to make me an offer. 

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  1. What a pretty dress! I am need of a visit to primark :-)


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