Thursday, January 30

Inside Gisforgingers Wardrobe

I hope I'm not the only one who enjoys these type of posts because I've been meaning to do this for a while. Firstly my wardrobe is a standard 2 meters by 2 meters from Ikea. I love how the PAX system is totally customisable and everything fits in perfectly. My clothes are a huge part of my blog and I thought I would show you more than the door (which has featured in loads of my outfit posts). It also had a huge mirror which is essential for getting ready.

I don't have any clothes drawers in my room so everything is either folded on shelves or hung up on rails. I also have cute wicker baskets for the lose accessories, swimwear, hats and gloves etc. I'm not sure if everyone keeps their wardrobe this tidy but mine is always this neat.

Oooh shoes... I have a fair few pairs though not as many as some people. Loads of these have never featured in outfit posts because I tend to wear the same pairs all the time. I bought this basket for them recently because I was running out of space. They are great because you can store twice the number of pairs than the trays but sadly I can't keep heels in them.

The normal baskets are also something I love- they are perfect for jumpers which won't stack neatly. There is other things in there too like tights, leggings and cardigans. I have a divider on my hanging rail which can't be seen so well but it means I can hang skirts under my coats which is handy for creating more space.

Boots are kept in baskets under my handing clothes- along with ice-skates which I've sadly not used in years and year. I have another basket drawer which contains will my bedding and blankets. 

I have lots of pattern and colours in my wardrobe- I really like these photos. Is it just me?

These are my skirts with the one I wore in my recent outfit post at the front. I never have as many as I would like. I really fancy some knee length circle skirts next... We will see.

I really hope you've enjoyed this type of post- please let me know below. If you have blogged about something similar please leave me links below and I will have a look. I am planning a tour of my room once I have found a bedside table to upcycle- I'm keeping my eyes on gumtree. Would you enjoy something like that? Also I am so close to 200 followers on Bloglovin' so please give me a hand!

Tuesday, January 28

Getting To Know... Bundi

My name is Bundi and I am named after a character in a book (it seems like only) my family have read called "The Angel's Command"  by Brian Jacques. The Dog, Ned, gets stolen by travellers and is renamed Bundi. Ned thinks it is ridiculous.

I am always looking to Dan for advice and like to copy him whatever he does.

I do an excellent impersonation of a black leather sofa and if someone helps cover up my white bits I can lie very still and dad doesn't notice I am on the furniture.

When we are out on walks I like to annoy stones. I bark and growl at them while digging them up- then I look to my mum for encouragement (which I mostly get because I am so funny).

I am very hard to take photos of because I am always wriggling around and never stay still.

I like to pretend I know where the mice are in the wall and stare at them intently (see below on the lefthand side) while everyone laughs at me. The mice/rats have code names I know like Bradley (Wiggins) and Sirius (Black- when I'm looking in the fire). I will react if you 'wheres' in a certain voice though. The name doesn't really matter.

I am a tiny bit food aggressive but just with Dan. I am also a fussy eater and put food on the ground and sniff it before I dare eat it.

I sleep under the kitchen curtain incase I miss any activity in the garden during the night.

I am a little monkey and hate being wet so when I come in from the garden on a rainy day and twist myself in the curtains to dry myself. They are so easy to pull I can open them all by myself. 

In the morning I like to sneak upstairs and get on mums bed even if I'm not allowed. I will also slip up stairs at any opportunity (especially if someone is going through the door with a cup of tea and can't stop me) but I'm only being friendly and want to spend time with my family.

One day when I was a puppy I chewed a jute bag from the Chinese supermarket- my family made a big deal out of it and made me feel very guilty. A few months later they bought another bag and brought it into the kitchen and I knew it was the same and felt guilty all over again.

I don't like shouting and at the first sign of trouble (even before anyone has started shouting yet) I run to the corner of the room. I don't like it when my family are screaming at each other and I especially don't want to get involved.

I hope you've enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have writing them. If you haven't already have a look at the one about Dan or other collie. I am currently looking for February  sponsors so please get in touch- they are only £2 

Sunday, January 26

My week in pictures #52

(From Top Left) I spent ages on Monday trying to take a suitable profile picture for my blog- what do you think? I've taken photos of vintage camera equipment to sell on ebay. I became an Asos Insider (woo!!)- I've not received my gift yet but hopefully will update you soon. I got sent this beautiful box from Live Laugh Love but there will be a full post on it later this week. We got two new fish- meet Zippy and Fizz (they are hiding from me). Mum and I had a movie night on Friday and watched world war Z. I received my pre-ordered youmeatsix album cavalier youth- if you are a fan you won't be disappointed. I bought more primeval DVDs- I'm addicted!!
I must admit I've done very very little this week... I left the house one day out of seven. On monday I spend the afternoon taking pictures for Tuesdays outfit post. I also managed to take a new profile picture after a few hundred attempts. What do you think? The next most exciting things thats happened this week was I found out I am an Asos Insider on Thursday evening. I am so pleased that someone thinks my blog is good enough and I'm excited to be starting something new with my blog for 2014. On Friday we finally got to the pet shop to buy two new fish. We have named them zippy (my choice) and Fizz (my brothers) and they are currently at the stage of hiding every time we go near the tank. Hopefully they will be able to keep my old fish Josh company soon. We had a movie night on Friday and spent Saturday listening to youmeatsix's new album and relaxing... as was today. I'm still in my jammies in fact.

I don't have any posts planned out for next week... Slowly losing inspiration here. Also it has come time to find February sponsors and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it going- let me know if you are interested please? Hope you've all had a good weekend!!

Wednesday, January 22

Wednesday 'Wishes and Wants' (Forage and Find Edit)

1. Swallows & Antique Key Necklace £14.50 2. Miniature Lightbulb Necklace £10 3. Bronze Moon Face Necklace £10 4. Victorian Pocket Watch Mechanism & Swallow Statement Necklace £32 5. Green Leaf & Ladybird Necklace £8.50

Today I decided to do a short post on a new jewellery company I found recently through twitter. Forage and Find sell a whole collection of beautiful vintage inspire neckless at a variety of different prices you can't help but fall in love. Swallows are one of my favourite birds so I was attracted to this neckless straight away but it is more of a treat at £32. Where as another favourite of mine in this delicate ladybird on a leaf and it is a very affordable £8.50.

One of my resolutions for 2014 was to accessorise more and even though I have lots of other necklaces I am very tempted by the selection on forage and find. If I wasn't trying to save for a festival ticket in the summer I wouldn't hesitate but hopefully after I will be able to treat myself to one of these. 

Alice, the founder of forage and find says:

We believe everyone should have access to interesting handmade vintage jewellery that provides a talking point. We don't believe in mass produced, and instead prefer to rework previously unloved fragments of the past and dedicate our time to developing unique pieces of jewellery that will never be repeated again. Each item made by us has been created using a combination of found antique pieces. We love the idea of upcycling found, forlorn materials and giving them a new lease of life, making them desirable and wearable once more.

I would incourrage you to have a look at their site and give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter

Tuesday, January 21

Winter Florals For A Winters Day

Blouse: NewLook Crop Top (worn underneath): Instyle Skirt: NewLook Heels: M&S Jacket: Rocha: John Rocha
Ooops this is a very picture heavy post... I got a little carried away with my new DSLR camera. Can you see the difference? I was pleased with how smart this outfit looked for my Grandpa's funeral last Tuesday. I don't really own a lot of black clothing and what I do have is very casual so I decided to go for darker colours but in keeping with my style. This skirt was bought recently in the newlook sale and I was excited to have the chance to style it. Where as the jacket is quite a few years old but I haven't worn it in a while because I wasn't sure what to wear it with. I feel like it really suits this outfit though which makes me very happy. 

I was having a bit of a problem finding something to wear under this sheer shirt and the night before we left I was pulling items out of my wardrobe (we all do it!?) When I found a cream lace crop top that went perfectly. The pictures don't show it so well but close up you can see the lace sleeves nicely- it looks very pretty and girly. My hair is also finally starting to look more natural and is growing out a bit. I'm looking forward to not having a fringe at all and just having long layered hair. A girl can dream right?

Also what do you think of my new profile picture?

Sunday, January 19

My week in pictures #51 (and 1st Blogiversary)

(From top left) On Saturday night we watched Django and it was bloody fantastic! On Monday evening we went out for tea with family so here is what I wore. I finally got my photography project back from school. On Tuesday evening we spent the night in a premier inn and I had the best sleep in that double bed. Age eighteen and I've finally got a coloured printer so I can print whatever I want. A casual wide eyed selfie.
This post is so exciting because it has been exactly one year since my first post on g is for gingers. I started it on a bit of a whim without much of a plan but I couldn't be more happy as its progress. I have well past 100 followers (almost 200 actually) and have met so many lovely bloggers. Starting this blog was one of the best things I've ever done. Here's to another year of blogging!!

This week has dragged and dragged... On Monday we went out for an early tea with my aunt and uncle. We had a nice catch up and it gave me an excuse to dress up a little and get out of the house. On Tuesday morning we were up early to get to my Grandpa's funeral- it wasn't too emotional and was all over by about 2pm so we were in Falkirk at a bit of a loss of what to do. We checked into our rooms at the premier inn and I finished and sent away my UCAS application. Then we went back to my Grans and has a chines takeaway for tea. The next day we buried my Grandpas ashes and helped my Gran clear out some more of her house.

We were so drained after coming home that we just had a lazy day on Thursday... and Friday and actually Saturday too. Today it was pouring with rain and my brother was playing football in Dundee so we went to the shops but I didn't see anything I really wanted and I'm supposed to be saving for a t in the park ticket so I resisted. Next week I start back with uni work which I am really looking forward too but that is all I've got planned. Hope you all had a good weekend too!

Thursday, January 16

Fluffy Jumper and Skinny Cords

Jumper: Primark Blouse: New Look Trousers: H&M Boots: River Island

You might have seen me wear this classic fluffy jumper from Primark in a previous outfit post but I was unable to think of another way to wear it until now. One of my favourite looks is cute collars with jumpers and I thought why not just wear the fluffy jumper with a plain white blouse and skinny cords. I am very happy with the result- what do you think? I couldn't have imagined the colours would tie in so well! It is a little wording though... My style is becoming more and more like my mums!

It was quite a simple outfit because I was going to be spending quite a lot of the time in the car going to see my Grandma was Saturday. We helped her clear out her house and then she took us out for lunch. It was a nice day but I was shattered when we got home. 

Tuesday, January 14

Chocolate Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes the week leading up to christmas and have been super busy with other posts around the festive period. These look really cute and thought I would share them with you today when I am away for a few days at my Grandpas funeral. i have been flicking past this recipe for years in one of my favourite cookbooks but haven't had time to make them before now.

You will need:
150g of butter (softened)
200g of caster sugar
4 large eggs
150g of self raising flour
50g of coco powder

Beat together the butter and sugar with an electric mixer until they are smooth and creamy. You should then beat in the eggs one at a time until the mixture is smooth once again.

You should then sift in the flour and coco powder and fold it into the mixture until well combined. I use a metal spoon which is easiest for me.

Divide the mixture equally in cupcake cases and put into a pre heated oven at 180°C for about 15-20 minutes. They will be ready when the top springs back to the touch.

I finished them off with a touch of icing (made with lots of icing sugar to little water) but you'll have to follow the pack instruction. I also used little silver/blue balls but you can use sprinkles or whatever you find. Would love to see if you make these so give me a tweet @gisforgingers

Sunday, January 12

My week in pictures #50

(From top left) A clutch was a late christmas present from my Grandma. Today I made winter cider cupcakes. I got my Granpa's old DSLR camera- can't wait to start practising my photography. Had a delicious lunch at chianti in falkirk yesterday. Had my first graze box in ages delivered. Selfie before going out for lunch with my grandma.
Well it has been a crazy sort of week again which has been dominated mostly by a stress headache and trying to complete my UCAS application.  It makes me feel so sick just thinking about it because of the awful time I had last year. I have finished my personal statement though so I will submit my application tomorrow hopefully. On tuesday my Grandpa passed which wasn't unexpected because he has been unwell for quite a while now. We have been trying to help Grandma and my dad went down on wednesday then we all went down yesterday again. It was nice to see her again for the first time in ages and we went out for a nice meal together. Oh another highlight of the trip was seeing the kelpies in the water at Grangemouth! They were pretty amazing (go and google it). Today has been a lazy day and I've done a little baking but not much else.

On Tuesday next week it is my Grandpas funeral and we are staying in falkirk for the night. I've never been to a funeral so I'm slightly nervous about what to expect. At least I know it won't be too emotional. Also another thing to be worried about is the two sides of my family (mum and dads) mixing for the first time... They are so so different. I've had a good week and now have a DSLR to play with so maybe the photography on my blog will improve? I do feel guilty about my olympus though- I do love that camera. Don't worry I've used it to take this weeks pictures!

Hope you've all had a good weekend too!

Thursday, January 9

Denim Pinafore's For Winter

Pinafore: Newlook Jumper: Primark Polo Neck: Primark Boots: River Island
These photos were taken in between Christmas and new year- it was a grey, rainy and cold so we wanted to get out for the day. We went to St. Andrews for some lunch and a bit of shopping. Didn't see anything I wanted in the sales; though that is probably good for my bank account. Lunch at 'The Glass House' was delicious as always. I had tomato soup, butternut squash pasta and ice cream. I came out stuffed so I can personally recommend it. 

I really like this outfit and I've worn it a few times before but decided to show you it today. I always like pairing knit wear and denim. Also wore a polo neck underneath but stupidly nothing else. I was FREEZING oops.... My mistake I won't do that again.

Tuesday, January 7

Going Out First Footing

Dress: Newlook Shirt: Newlook Tights: Primark Boots: Marco Tozzi (I don't know where the scarf is from as it was a birthday gift)

First of all can I just say how exceptionally proud of the way my blog looks right now? With a little help from designsbyellej doing my social media buttons right where I want them and some creative use of photoshop from me I am extremely happy! What do you think and what could I improve? I won't be offended I promise. 

My first outfit post of 2014 is my first outfit of 2014 (apart from what I was wearing at midnight and my jammies of course). We went to my uncle and auntys house for a wee party and although it is quite informal my family always expect me to dress up and look nice (then embarrass me with hugs and kisses telling me how amazing I look- this can't be just my family?) The outfit it's self is a quite basic monochrome look but I decided to finish it off with one of my favourite scarfs at the moment.

I'm not usually very vain but I'm really happy with this look and the photos.

Sunday, January 5

My week in pictures #49

(From top left) The bird table I got for my 3rd birthday had to go on the fire it was so rotten- felt emotional... Put up my Where's wally calendar for 2014. The first company of the year arrived and it is the Paris issue! All the Christmas tree decorations came down this afternoon. First selfie of the year before we left for my uncles party. Made my thank you cards although they are still to be sent out. We went to see the hobbit on hogmanay. MY AUNTY GOT ME A CHARLIE BEAR FOR MY CHRISTMAS- meet tickle!!
Well that is the festive season well and truly over- didn't it pass quickly? This morning we took our Christmas tree down which I always find a sad process. This has been another one of those weeks when last Sunday feels like a month ago. I am trying to think what I have been doing recently but it isn't easy. On hogmanay I went to the cinema with mum and dad to see the hobbit which was great and we arrived home in time for dinner before the bells. Mum and I stayed up tip 4am watching 2013 Glastonbury highlights so nothing particularly exciting. On the 1st we went to my aunty and uncles for a little party- we got every year! The whole of my mums family were there and it was nice to see everyone together. I have an outfit post planned for Tuesday to show you what I wore. 

The only other main activity this week has been visiting my other aunty and uncle in Perth. She has just had a hip operation so it was good to see her recovering. We just spent hours in their house chatting (and arguing) in front of the fire. She also told me to expect something in the post so when I got home I checked the box and there was only a few boring letters. Things never arrive when I want them too!! However, this morning we were all tidying around the house and putting things in the shed and dad came in with a parcel for me. I exactly ripped open the box and look who I found inside!! His name is tickle and he is in bed beside me now. Isn't he just the sweetest bear you've ever seen- I think I'm in love. I know I'm 18 and my favourite Christmas present is a bear...

I hope you've all had a good weekend as things return to normal now.

P.s What do you think of my slightly revamped layout? If you want think back to the mismatching colours from before I hope you appreciate the difference as much as I do.

I also wonder what you thought of my five posts this past week? Rather a lot I know but the end of year reviews and Christmas posts gave me a lot of material.

Friday, January 3

Celebrating Christmas

This post is a little late isn't it? Thought I would share my household decorations before they all come down soon *cry* I'm sure you've heard enough from me in the past week so I will let the pictures do the talking. As always leave an questions/thoughts in the comments below.