Another Look Styling Tan Chinos

Thursday, April 23

Blouse: Warehouse* | Chinos: New Look | Shoes: Weinbrenner (TK Maxx) | Handbag: New Look
This morning I got an invite out for dinner with my boyfriends parents tomorrow night. It is Scott's mum birthday and we are off to Roos Leap (a local restaurant which sells Australian burgers etc) which I've not been to in ages. Of course the first thing my mind went to was what I was going to wear - had a sort though my wardrobe and after a dressing up session I came up with this outfit.

I got this blouse from the lovely people at warehouse last summer and still think it is such a pretty staple. It is also one of my favourite colours for spring (my handbag is coral too) and now it is warmer I want to wear my chinos again. This is probably the last time you'll see these chinos in this form because I think I'm going to dye them a dark blue colour. Hopefully give them a refresh and get more wear out of them.

This afternoon I've been clearing out my wardrobe because I'm in short supply of hangers so it is a bit of a mess... Cut down my 34 dresses which are here to 21 in my wardrobe which fit me and I will wear again. I've also had my hair cut!! Do you think it looks neater than my last outfit of the day post? I'm so happy with how soft it feels - I would get my hair cut everyweek if I could.

What do you think of this outfit? Should I wear it for dinner tomorrow night?


  1. Lovely look Claire :) The colour of the blouse is gorgeous, you should definitely wear it to dinner i hope you have a lovely time :) xx

  2. Should definitely wear this outfit! Looks lovely xx
    Love Jen / enter my Mac giveaway x


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