A Mint Green Skater Dress Styled Pinafore

Tuesday, April 28

Dress: H&M | Blouse: M&S | Shoes: Asos (similar) | Bracelet: Claire's (very old)
I am more than aware that I'm dressed like a little girl here... I can't help it! I've not bought anything in H&M in ages but when I was in a few weeks ago I saw this skater dress is a gorgeous colour I couldn't resist it. In true H&M style I can't seem to find it online to link it above however it was only £7.99 and should still be in store?

To go to the botanic gardens in Edinburgh on Sunday I decided to layer it up with the collarless blouse which I think looks good and adds another dimension to the outfit. The shoes which also match perfectly and make the outfit feel more like summer than it was is these T-bar shoes from asos - they don't seem to stock them anymore but I've linked a pair similar.

This week however there has been snow in Aberdeen - SNOW!!! Warm clothes will be going back on now while I walk to the library to revise.

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  1. love it! It has a slight Belle from Beauty and the Beast quality (which makes it all the better!)

  2. This is so cute and the colour really suits you. Those shoes are gorgeous! :)

    Sarah / <a href='http://www.sarahsmilesxxx.co.uk' rel='nofollow>Sarah Smiles</a>

  3. This is SUCH a lovely colour on you Claire!!! You look so cute, and I second Laura' claim abotu Belle! :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. you look adorable.love the dress and the color.those shoes and white socks are so cute with it on you

  5. This is stunning, especially in that colour. Its just perfect for you!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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