My week in pictures #117

Monday, April 27

(From top left) My new phone case from Jammy Lizard is gorgeous and a fashionable colour. Off to see Scott on Tuesday for tea. A lovely relaxing bath on Friday morning with the last of my lush comforter. A few new things from peacocks and newlook - I've bought so much during April I think a haul might be called for. Going to Edinburgh on Sunday for Lunch at the botanic gardens. The lunch we had - my delicious salad with trout.
Can we first all take a minute to appreciate the fact that I managed to blog three times this week - I finally feel like I'm back on track so hopefully I can keep it up when I head back to university later today. My last week at home was filled with as much revision as possible - I bought chocolate to make cookies but didn't have time!! Relatively pleased with how much I got done... my first exam is a week today.

On Tuesday night I went to Scotts for tea - I think I'd given him my cold so we made a super easy tea and watched hell's kitchen live on TV (maybe for the first time). The next exciting thing was getting my hair cut on Thursday - it felt so amazing afterwards I wish I could do it every week! That afternoon was so unproductive I just spent time tidying my wardrobe and adding new thing to my ebay.

After a day of revision on Friday I went to meet Scott again because we were going out for tea. It was his mums birthday so we went to a local restaurant Roo's Leap which I enjoyed way more than I thought I would (it has been a bit disappointing the last couple of times). We then went for a few drinks... and a few more!! I blame Scotts Dad for the hangover the next morning...

Finally to round off the week and my holidays I went to Edinburgh with my parents - they had vouchers for lunch at the John Hope Gateway. We've been many times and it certainly didn't disappoint! We managed a walk around the Glasshouses before lunch and afterwards we wandered down to stockbridge and a browse in the charity shop. An outfit post will follow later on this week so stay tuned or give me a follow on bloglovin' so you don't miss it.

I hope everyone elses week was positive too - I better get on because there is lots of packing to be done!


  1. Kate @Violetdaffodils27 April 2015 at 12:06

    Cute photos! :)


  2. Those soft boiled eggs on that salad are making me so hungry! Have a great Monday, from one ginger to another!



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