My Collective April Haul

Thursday, April 30

Oops I've been at it again... When I'm home at from university and don't have to save my money for food I go a little crazy.

New Look
I actually spotted this gorgeous bag in the new look store when out shopping and didn't buy it. It obviously played on my mind until I went back and ordered it online. It actually didn't cost me anything because I had vouchers left over from Christmas. At the same time I also bought this bikini top for going to tenerife in June but left it at home so couldn't take any pictures.

I showed it off in my simple spring time outfit post here.

Dress: H&M | Trousers: Peacocks
You will already have spotted this dress in Tuesdays new outfit post. I bought it in H&M Inverness while I was on holiday and fell in love with the colour not to mention I love a skater dress.

These trousers were in the window of my local peacocks store and they played on my mind until I went back for them. I've been on the hunt for a pair of patterned trousers but hasn't found the perfect ones until now. I can't seem to find them online but they should still have them in store. They are going to feature in a new outfit post next week too if you want to see how I'm styling them.

Ballet Pumps: New Look | Sandals: New Look
I had to buy these ballet pumps in new look to replace a battered pair because we were going out for a birthday meal. I will get so much wear out of these because they are my go to shoes with dresses during summer. I'm sure you'll have spotted the previous pair in some outfit posts.

The only thing I really need for going to Tenerife is sandles - I've been looking for a cute fashionable pair to wear with dresses but also comfy for walking. I think I've found them in this pair from new look!! I went into town to pick them up today and they are everything I've been looking for.

I got both these things with the 20% student discount New Look were doing too - bonus!

Karrimor Jacket:

This is a very practical purchase because lately I've realised my only waterproof jacket is a sking one I can't wear in warm weather anyway. I spotted this one in sports direct for only £23 which down from £70 seemed like a good deal to me. I live in Scotland so even in summer this could be my most worn item.


  1. I need those Ballet Pumps, They're amazing!!!!

    Great post hun

    Em xx

  2. Gorgeous things, love the dress & bag especially! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. andrea garcia2 May 2015 at 02:02

    Love the sandals :)

  4. That New Look bag is SO beautiful!



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