My week in pictures #118

Sunday, May 3

(From top left) I voted in my first general election this week. I made amazing chocolate cookies... sadly they are all gone now. Tickets arrived for Siam Park in Tenerife in June. My flatmate Eilidh bought a smoothie marker which has meant endless smoothies - yum! A healthy looking fish pie for Tea on Friday. Out for a walk in the park with my boyfriend on Saturday (post to follow this week).
Monday kicked off with a day of packing up my things to go back to Aberdeen for my exams... a rather boring and stressful few hours later I got back to the flat at about half seven. I just made tea and went to bed because I was shattered.

Every day this week I've done a decent amount of revision with more fun stuff along side. I made the chocolate cookies from Tanya Burr's blog which were amazing and I really feel like I've learned some new techniques. I also went into town with Eilidh because I had sandals to pick up from New Look - you can see what they are like here

This weekend Scott came to stay and we had such a good time. On Saturday with went to duthie park for a walk (a post to follow later this week) and then to chiquitos for tea which was amazing. I really love their food plus we got a cheeky 25% discount with my unidays code.

Today it was tipping it down - the rain was so heavy! Despite this Scott and I got in the car for a classic Sunday drive. We stopped for a browse round a garden center then Tesco on the way home - it was too wet for anything else. We made homemade lasagna for tea but he is gone now because my first exam is tomorrow at 9am. I better go and read through my notes again...

For the first time in ages I actually have a stockpile of posts (I am so pleased with myself) so expect to see my back later this week!

Hope everyone else had a good week and if you've got exams too good luck!!

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  1. Good luck with your exams Claire! Also very jealous of you going to Siam Park this Summer, I want(/need) a holiday so bad!! xx


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