A Walk Around Duthie Park

Tuesday, May 5

I first visited the lovely Duthie Park back at the start of march with my blogger friend Eilidh but as it is over the other side of the city from where I live it is too far to walk. When Scott came up last weekend he suggested we drive there (have a boyfriend who drives is amazing) and this time I remembered my camera.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins | Cardigan: Amara Reya (TK Maxx) | Shoes: Dash | Bag: New Look
The sun was shining although it wasn't overly warm so I put on this cute butterfly print dress you might have seen in my January Haul and my very cosy cardigan. I've been meaning to show if off for ages but sadly left it in Aberdeen when I was home at easter. I cannot wait to wear this dress with bare legs and no cardi in summer because I think it is a perfect casual day dress.

Scott took these photos for me - don't you think he did a good job? He has zero idea what he is doing with my camera though... had to show him now to zoom out as he was just walking further and further way from me!

The park was lovely and full of children playing - they've even filled the pond again for a bit of pedal boating but Scott wasn't keen. My favourite part however (especially when it is still kinda chilly) is the David Welch Winter Gardens. I can't really explain why I love glass houses so much but I enjoy wandering and looking at the more exsotic plants and the fish in the ponds - they even have turtles in Aberdeen which are pretty cool.

It was tricky narrowing the photos for this post down because I took so many close ups of colourful flowers - a style of photography I've always enjoyed.


  1. Wow! That's such a beautiful place- if only I didn't live in English!

  2. These pictures are so beautiful. What type of camera do you use?


  3. Melissa Blake7 May 2015 at 03:44

    Those flowers are so gorgeous!!!! :)


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