My week in pictures #135

Sunday, August 30

(From top left) I have been painting legs for my new uni desk this week - they were all rusty before! I made a cake (a lemon and lime sponge if your interested). I picked up some homeware items from Asda this week following my wishlist. On Saturday Scott and I spent a perfect day walking up to Loch Brandy in Glen Clova.
I has been on of those weeks where I'm struggling to remember what happened at the start. I do know Monday started with a very positive driving lesson - now feel like I have all the skills I need to drive through town just need to practice now. 

Then for some reason my family all (independently) decided they would come out and visit on Wednesday. I got smiles from baby Sophie while we took her for a walk in the sunshine. She was on top form and is getting so big - she is almost three months now which is crazy. My uncle and aunty also came out for a catch up before I head back to university. They gave me a lift into town because I was going to Scotts for tea. We made lasagne and watched hells kitchen so nothing exciting. 

Thursday and Friday weren't very eventful days either... I got so bored on Friday afternoon I decided to bake a cake which was delicious. Then we went into Asda to pick up my order for our new flat and I'm really pleased with the mirror, mattress protector and cute little drawers. 

Saturday was supposed to be a nice day so Scott and I packed a picnic and headed up the glen for a walk. Loch Brandy is a very pretty spot behind the Glen Clova hotel but boy was it a steep climb to get there. It put my fitness to shame... once we got there though it was lovely. I'm going to save the photos for a blog post later this week though. Scott even let me drive most of the way home!!! When we got home we made Calzone for tea and lazed about on the sofa. 

Obviously after all the effort I needed a good sleep so an early night was in order. All day today I've felt sleepy but we nipped into town to get a few things before I move then I've just been doing washing and stuff. Got to finish up this post though and do some packing... yay! 

Tomorrow evening I'm back to Aberdeen again. I can't wait to get stuck into some interior decorating and catching up with friends again. Hope everyone else's weeks have been full of fun too.

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